The Perfect Match: Chiropractic and specialised massage therapy now available at Elite Performance Therapy!


The Perfect Match: Chiropractic and specialised massage therapy now available at Elite Performance Therapy!

We are delighted to announce the partnership of Elite Performance Therapy with The English Chiropractor: Sarah Monaghan.

Here at Elite Performance Therapy, our continuing aim is to understand the root cause of your pain and not just the symptom. As such we are very excited to be able to offer this unique treatment approach combining the benefits of both Chiropractic treatment and specialized massage therapy together in one appointment.

The value of chiropractic and specialised massage therapy
Sarah’s Chiropractic career has stemmed from over 15 years’ experience. She has treated not only professional athletes but also those with everyday back pain. Regardless of whom she treats the principles of her treatment remain the same and play a critical role in treating a variety of common injuries, such as sprains and low-back pain. (Please click here to read Sarah’s full bio.).

With over 15 years’ experience in the Health & Fitness industry, Isy has also worked as a sports massage therapist for a range of elite sports including England Paraplegic Badminton Team, Injured Soldiers, PGA Professionals,  Rugby Sevens, European Ladies Tour, Superbikes and Ironman athletes. Her passion lies in helping people and guiding them through their recovery using her wide range of experience in treating various injuries and focuses on treating the cause of the injury rather than just the symptoms.  (Please click here to read Isy’s full bio).

So, what happens when you put them both together?
We asked Sarah to explain a little about her previous experience of working alongside sports massage therapists, how they complement each other and the benefits to you – our clients – of being able to offer this specialist treatment approach all under one roof.

“The key to combining these treatments effectively is exemplary communication between the massage therapist and the Chiropractor. At Elite Performance Therapy a typical combined approach would involve:
1. Full medical history 
2. A complete examination including joint, muscle and nerve assessment. 
3. Diagnosis and full verbal report of findings.  
4. Your case will be fully discussed between Sarah and Isy in order to develop a treatment plan based upon your individual condition / injury
This process ensures that we give the best tailored treatment plan combining the benefits of both massage and Chiropractic. 

When the two health professionals and client work as a team only great results can be achieved”!
What is unique about your approach and how does it benefit me – the client?
As a Chiropractor, Sarah specialises in treating pain and discomfort. However, what distinguishes her from other chiropractors in her approach of identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an injury. Sarah’s approach in a raw sense (!) is not just to realign the joints of your spine (often identified as a cracking sound) but to use her skills to understand why the injury/condition occurred so long term relief can be achieved.
For example:

“A client struggling with hamstring injuries traditionally would be treated addressing the hamstring alone, however this is often does not provide the client with a long term solution. If we look into the spine we can often find the problem which is affecting the ability for the nerve messages to pass to the hamstring which in turn will give the power needed for the muscle to contract….

Restrictions in the spine can mean that these message aren’t as clear as they should be. – Imagine squeezing a hose pipe which in turn affects the flow of water.  Now the power to the muscle is insufficient therefore when challenged the muscle fails. In this instance treating the spine is an imperative part of the treatment process. Merely treating the hamstring would not result in restoring the power required to the hamstring and relief would be short term”.


When the two health professionals and client work as a team only great results can be achieved”!

A combination approach addressing both the spinal issue as well as the muscle and then onto rehabilitation is one of the best approaches. Rehabilitation is also an imperative part of the recovery process and often overlooked.

“Often tight muscles are weak muscles, so instead of looking at stretching we really need to look at increasing power and strength to muscles via massage treatment and home specific rehabilitation exercise”.

Unfortunately treating injuries isn’t as straightforward as treating the area that hurts.
Our promise at Elite Performance Therapy is to fully assess and diagnose your injury and create a comprehensive treatment plan. We will understand the underlying cause, the symptoms and educate you -the client – on a bespoke strength and conditioning regime to put you back on the road to recovery.

If you wish to find out more please get in touch or give us a call here and we can book you in to put you on the first step to recovery.

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