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Here at Elite Performance Therapy our physiotherapist Daniele specialises in treating musculoskeletal problems, involving injury to structures such as joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves.  Injuries can occur due to a specific traumatic incident, such as twisting an ankle whilst playing football or dislocating a shoulder when falling off a bike.  Injury can also occur from simply putting the body under too much strain before it has developed the strength to tolerate it, for example trying to run too far too soon.

While it is more common for people to seek physiotherapy when they are injured or in pain, physiotherapists can also help with preventing injury by identifying underlying physical deficits.  By addressing these, you can reduce your risk of injury in the future, particularly if you are about to take up a new sport or type of exercise.

What can Physiotherapy help with?

What forms of treatment do we offer?

  • Manual therapy: including joint mobilisations or manipulations and soft tissue techniques such as massage.
  • Exercise rehabilitation: to strengthen, mobilise, and stretch specific areas.
  • Movement analysis and correction: to improve alignment, movement patterns, reduce the load on sensitive tissues, and improve performance.
  • Medical acupuncture/needling: can be helpful in relieving pain and relaxing muscles.
  • Education and advice: one of the most important and effective aspects of rehabilitation is to understand more about the problem and the best ways to facilitate and take part in your own recovery.  You will be given a clear explanation of the diagnosis and any other underlying causes, and we will discuss what is required to address these issues and reach your goals.

So, if you have any pain or injury, whether from sitting at your desk too much or due to a sporting mishap, or even if you just want to improve your physical condition and performance, we are here to help you. Book an appointment at our clinic now by requesting an appointment below or click here.

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