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    5 star review  I was extremely lucky to find Isy. I had ankle/heel pain while training for a marathon. She really knows her stuff, highly recommended.

    thumb Fiona Simonelli

    5 star review  I initially visited isy with back pain which she resolved in around 5 sessions and I now have no problem with my back at all While I was receiving treatment for my back problem I asked about my long standing knee pain which had troubled me for years Isy examined it and following hands on treatment to my knee I am now able to walk without any pain! Thankyou isy for your help.

    thumb Michelle Garside

    5 star review  I have been now with Isy and Elite Performance Therapy for almost a year and it has been so good, Isy is amazing. She has really helped me with my back problems. Easy going and down to earth but so professional HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    thumb Niclas Jonasson

    5 star review  I went to see Isabel following an escalation of an injury to my back that I had had for over two years. She gave me an appointment within 24 hours and then spent a long time carefully researching my health history and then carried out in depth treatments. She takes great care of you and keeps closely in touch between treatments in case of any problems. After only just over a month I am now pain free and can pick up my three year old granddaughter without any difficulty! Thank you so much Isy


    5 star review  I was feeling pain and discomfort in my feet that I couldn't understand, after doing a Google search I found Isy at Elite Perfomance Therapy, and I'm very thankful that I did. I had a consultation with her where she identified and started to rectify the problem. Unfortunately for me I was going travelling on business 2 weeks after starting treatment with Isy, but to my good fortune and surprise Isy went out her way to find me therapists who could continue my treatment in the countries that i was visiting. I'm not pain free but I am 90 % better and I'm confident that soon everything will be ok. In short I can't thank Isy enough, not only was her treatment highly beneficial for myself but the fact that she went out her way to help me find alternative treatments on my travels is in my opinion the sign of a true professional. I just hope that when I'm back in Spain she has time to fit me in to her schedule.

    thumb Hannibal Smith

    5 star review  I have been using Elite Performance Therapy for a number of months now and the difference in my quality of life can not be measured. Extremely professional, super-detailed, and always with a plan in place to get you up and running again, would highly recommend them

    thumb Oisin Mac Giolla Chuda

    5 star review  I am 55 years old and decided to get back in shape 5 months ago, I have managed to accumulate injures with great success, I got recommended Isy and took the plunge and it is the best decision I have made in a while. I had to stop running due to constant hamstring injuries and am pleased to say I am back running now. Also Isy has helped me with training plans which alone have been worth meeting her for. I was many years ago british champion at tennis represented UK at LA Olympics played on the atp tour for 5 years including 5 wimbledon appearances. I have had treatment from many people over the years and Isy is right up their with the best. Just wish I had been as good a tennis player as Isy is at her job. If you read this review and decide to go just don't take my appointment time.

    thumb Stuart Bale

    5 star review  I have been unbelievably impressed with the after-care service Isy has shown. Regular contact with asking how things are, both after and in-between sessions. I had a back issue that I got from doing jiu-jitsu and as well helping me out greatly from the first session, she has kept in constant contact and recommended exercises and help outside of massage therapy. Extremely knowledgable and honest, I couldn't recommend her enough!

    thumb James Bowles

    5 star review  Came to Isy after suffering years of low back and foot pain. Nothing and no one was helping - from chiropractors to accunpuncture. Have now been pain free since August and back playing golf 3x per week! Highly recommended. .. Thank you!

    thumb Danny Rees

    5 star review  Having googled”best physio in Marbella”Elite performance therapy popped up and whilst it was in fuengirola not Marbella after reading the reviews it sounded almost too good to be true. I decided to Visit Isy and see what she could do for me. Iam a 56 year old man who has suffered chronic back problems for many years to varying degrees of discomfort.In the uk I have seen and been treated by them all,chiropractors,osteopaths,massage specialists and even acupuncture,whilst I got a small amount of relief from most of them the results were minimal and temporary.I play golf which probably doesn’t help but I was determined that my back wasn’t going to stop me enjoying my passion and my retirement. A couple of months ago was the first time I saw Isy for a treatment as I had reached a point where I was in great pain and very immobile. I knew my problem was muscular,not discs or nerves but nothing seemed to work and I was popping muscle relaxants and painkillers for fun. I have see. Isy 4 times since then and my discomfort and immobility has genuinely disappeared,for the first time in years!!! This is no exaggeration Iam 100% and can walk and play a full round of golf without any discomfort and after effects. I thought I had seen them all but Isy knows her stuff and from the first meeting when she didn’t exactly promise a cure for my back she was pretty adamant that she could make a big difference. Her follow up is genuine as she wants to know how you feel following treatment.I still make the drive to Fuengirola every few weeks for a “tune up”to make sure I don’t regress. If you were thinking about seeing Isy,stop thinking! pick up the phone and go see her. It could change your life.

    thumb Chris Walker

    positive review  I have been going to Isy for over a year now and she has been amazing, I had a slipped disc and a trapped nerve in my leg. Her treatments have relieved the pain and now I’m on the road to recovery!! Highly recommend her and is very professional! Thanks for everything Isy

    thumb Lisa Webb

    positive review  I got amazing professional help with my golf injuries and now I go there regularly to avoid future injuries.

    thumb Göte Dahlbäck

    positive review  Isy is a brilliant sports therapist and a lovely person, she even checks up on you after the treatment to see how you are doing – never had that before ! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her – I went to see her as I had Piriformis Syndrome and lots of lower back issues and she has been able to get me pain free after only 2 visits – wonderful! I just wish she could clone herself in the UK so I could continue treatment when I get back there!

    thumb Steve Biggs

    positive review  I’m so grateful to have found Isy at Elite Performance Therapy and can’t recommend her skill and professionalism highly enough. Her treatment room is really easy to get to with ample parking nearby. I sit at a desk all day and she continues to free up my neck and shoulders which in turn has put a stop to the crippling migraines I had been suffering from for years. Thank you Isy, you’re one in a million!

    thumb Nicki Morley

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