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    review rating 5  Having googled”best physio in Marbella”Elite performance therapy popped up and whilst it was in fuengirola not Marbella after reading the reviews it sounded almost too good to be true. I decided to Visit Isy and see what she could do for me. Iam a 56 year old man who has suffered chronic back problems for many years to varying degrees of discomfort.In the uk I have seen and been treated by them all,chiropractors,osteopaths,massage specialists and even acupuncture,whilst I got a small amount of relief from most of them the results were minimal and temporary.I play golf which probably doesn’t help but I was determined that my back wasn’t going to stop me enjoying my passion and my retirement. A couple of months ago was the first time I saw Isy for a treatment as I had reached a point where I was in great pain and very immobile. I knew my problem was muscular,not discs or nerves but nothing seemed to work and I was popping muscle relaxants and painkillers for fun. I have see. Isy 4 times since then and my discomfort and immobility has genuinely disappeared,for the first time in years!!! This is no exaggeration Iam 100% and can walk and play a full round of golf without any discomfort and after effects. I thought I had seen them all but Isy knows her stuff and from the first meeting when she didn’t exactly promise a cure for my back she was pretty adamant that she could make a big difference. Her follow up is genuine as she wants to know how you feel following treatment.I still make the drive to Fuengirola every few weeks for a “tune up”to make sure I don’t regress. If you were thinking about seeing Isy,stop thinking! pick up the phone and go see her. It could change your life.

    thumb Chris Walker

    review rating 5  I am a tennis player and I went to Isy because I had LOTS of muscle problems and since my first session things have improved dramatically. Isy is always very welcoming and Importantly, keeps in touch with my progress between visits. I would highly recommend her.

    thumb Leo Cowan

    review rating 5  I visit Isy for treatments every time I’m in Spain. She actually really cares about your injuries and she is very interested in helping solving your problems. Lately I have been having problems with my Achilles which Isy has been helping me with. Don’t go to see her for a relaxing massage - go to see her for treatments that actually works! She is the best😊

    thumb Allan Gram

    review rating 5  Having previously played league level basketball to professional level, I was shocked when playing with friends that i had lost range of motion and reach capability in both legs and hips....2 treatments later with Isy and what a massive difference. So pleased I found Elite Performance Therapy and Isy. Would highly recommend

    thumb Eli Nasrawi

    review rating 5  I visited Isy again on 10 July 2019 and I’m so glad that I did. Isy got straight to the cause of a new problem (rotator cuff pain) and started to work immediately on the affected area. She ended by giving me a number of new exercises to take away and follow as part of my daily stretching routine. I’m already feeling the benefits. Isy had worked her wonders once again. She’s also a really genuinely great personality too. I can’t recommend Isy highly enough. Thank you again Isy. ——————————————————————— Isy is a highly professional and knowledgeable sports physiotherapist. I had been in pain and discomfort for a number of weeks. I had also been misdiagnosed as having sciatica. Shortly after being examined by Isy, she gave me a correct diagnosis of piriformis syndrome. It has the same pain pattern as sciatica, but requires different treatment. Isy then carried out a number of massage and manipulation techniques to the affected area and gave me a number of stretching excercises to carry out at home. The combination of treatment and self excercises has worked wonders. My pain has gone and I am able to sleep at night. I thoroughly recommend Isy. Do not hesitate to contact her if you are looking for a very experienced and skilled practitioner. Thank you Isy, you are a star.

    thumb Kevin Price

    review rating 5  I found Isy when I was playing Professionals golf tournaments in costa del sol. She fixed all of my problems and did really taught me a lot of new things. And put a lot of effort helping me. I would recommend her to any golf player and also anybody else who wants to do something good for his body.

    thumb Mark Trnovec

    review rating 5  Isy Bowles student of Alex Fugallo is excellent. Tailored service to your needs. Strongly recommended for anyone in the Marbella/Puerto Banus/Fuengirola areas.

    thumb faye thompson

    review rating 5  Phenomenal sport therapist and absolute healer! I first came to Isy due to back pains on-set by training and found her via a recommendation. After a couple of weeks she sorted my back out entirely! As well as having given me recommendations for my training. To this day I continue to see her regularly for post-gym check-ups. After every session with Isy I feel as light as a feather and her knowledge of muscles and sports is never-ending. Thanks Isy!!

    thumb herminkei

    review rating 5  Isy is simply the best! I always feel so rejuvenated after the sports massage therapy. She has really improved my leg muscle function and strength. So now a customer for life! Thanks Isy 🤙 Clive.

    thumb Clive Ward

    review rating 5  I came to Isy with a painful hamstring that had been troubling med for over a year back and forth. And I had to get it fixed in order not to ruin my training (and race) for Malaga marathon. She quickly pinpointed the issue to a weak glute and asymmetric strength in the legs. After some deep tissue massage and ordination of specific stretch, strength training and foam rolling everything got better. Training and race went well! Thanks!

    thumb Johan Wallbäcks

    review rating 0  I have been going to Isy for over a year now and she has been amazing, I had a slipped disc and a trapped nerve in my leg. Her treatments have relieved the pain and now I’m on the road to recovery!! Highly recommend her and is very professional! Thanks for everything Isy

    thumb Lisa Webb

    review rating 0  I got amazing professional help with my golf injuries and now I go there regularly to avoid future injuries.

    thumb Göte Dahlbäck

    review rating 0  Isy is a brilliant sports therapist and a lovely person, she even checks up on you after the treatment to see how you are doing – never had that before ! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her – I went to see her as I had Piriformis Syndrome and lots of lower back issues and she has been able to get me pain free after only 2 visits – wonderful! I just wish she could clone herself in the UK so I could continue treatment when I get back there!

    thumb Steve Biggs

    review rating 0  I’m so grateful to have found Isy at Elite Performance Therapy and can’t recommend her skill and professionalism highly enough. Her treatment room is really easy to get to with ample parking nearby. I sit at a desk all day and she continues to free up my neck and shoulders which in turn has put a stop to the crippling migraines I had been suffering from for years. Thank you Isy, you’re one in a million!

    thumb Nicki Morley
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