About Us

Elite Performance Therapy is a collaboration between highly qualified and skilled Sports Massage /Remedial Therapists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists who are passionate about making positive and lasting differences to people’s lives – but what makes us different is how we work as a team to get the best results for you.

Unrivaled in Skills & Experience

Between us we have over 35 years of therapy and rehab experience and have each developed areas of special interest. As a team we have specialised skills and experience in all areas of the body.

We have worked with a wide range of patients, from hard-working mothers to international sports teams, athletes and performers. Whether your problem is neck pain and headaches, back or shoulder pain, a sports injury, all the way to a sprained ankle, we can help!

Our expertise and experience means that we are regularly asked for our specialist input with cases that have not responded to other treatment approaches (see our testimonials)

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