Scoliosis Kyphosis

What is it?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. It is relatively easy to diagnose, yet the cause for this condition varies and is frequently unknown.

Causes can include neuromuscular conditions, differing leg lengths, or an extreme growth spurt. Obtaining treatment for scoliosis is essential since a lack of treatment can affect your spine, chest, heart and lungs.

At Elite Performance Therapy, after your initial consultation, we tailor a multi-faceted treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Non-medical Treatment

Your treatment plan may include deep tissue and trigger point therapy and specific stretches, which have been proven to be an effective treatment method for those with scoliosis. You’ll immediately experience an increase in pain-free movements as early as the first session.

Scoliosis Kyphosis Testimonial

“I’ve never tried anything like these treatments – and I can highly recommend Isy / Elite Performance Therapy!! I have a mild scoliosis in my back, but Isy managed to make my chronical pain almost disappear! I’m thrilled!
I play football and got it to recommend through a teammate! And then she is an absolute darling!

Top performance!! Xx”

J Nielsen

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