Coaching & Personal Training

Coaching & Personal Training

We are determined to help you reach your goals for fitness and overall wellness. Regardless of your current fitness level and fitness goals, we take your personal training success to the next level. Through a combination of specialized personal training programs, supportive sports massage therapy and bespoke stretching techniques, our combined experience in competitive sports and remedial therapy will ensure you surpass your goals. As standard, all results; be it fitness or holistic are continually measured, challenged and reset.

Why Choose Elite Performance Therapy?

As a client of Elite Performance Therapy, you will be introduced to a variety of different fitness techniques; incorporating focused strength programs, personalized cardio plans, and nutrition guidelines to suit your own goals.

Depending on your goals and ambitions, we will first have a detailed complimentary consultation and agree on an initial 12-week bespoke program. With our expertise in physical training, we can design a bespoke program that fits your needs or individual requirements. We take the time needed to look at your lifestyle, eating habits, and other factors that may affect your health.

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