Neck Pain

What is it?

Every day, people bear the burden of chronic and acute neck pain – pain that interferes greatly with how they live their daily lives. There are a multitude of causes of neck and arm pain, including repetitive stress, accidents, poor posture and tension in our muscles. Unless treated the tightness in your neck muscles can lead to reoccurring headaches.

The human body is not designed to be stuck in the same position for hours on end without moving. Muscles are designed to continually move which is how the nutrients, oxygen and blood supply is spread throughout the muscle. Sitting in the same position, like sitting at a computer desk, irritates the muscles in the neck and shoulder because they have to continually contract in a static position.

Non-medical Treatment
The neck and arms are vital parts of our anatomy and should never be ignored.

Here at Elite Performance Therapy, we will address the issue at the source by softening and lengthening the neck muscles and fascia to restore balance and movement to your neck. As your muscles release, the pressure on your cervical spine decreases and your head will feel lighter and your neck rotation will improve. Where appropriate we may suggest specific stretches and improvements to seating position or change of pillow.

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