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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Golfers : A Necessity for any Golfer !

Why are golfers catching on to the tremendous benefits Massage Therapy can provide to their bodies and their game? Here at Elite Performance Therapy for
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Did you know that the downswing phase, including the impact portion of the golf swing, causes nearly twice the number of golf injuries compared to the backswing?

Have you experienced the following? A catching or locking sensation in the knee ? Been unable to straighten the knee ? Suffered frequent pain and problems with
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Key Exercises & Stretches before you Tee Off to avoid Injuries

Want to avoid golf injuries? Follow these simple stretches before you play.. Contrary to popular belief, golf is very physically demanding. An effective golf swing requires strength,
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New Sports Massage Clinic Open in Marbella

We are very excited to say that our new clinic is now open in Marbella’s hidden gem : Aloha Pueblo. We have had several offers to open a clinic in

Plantar Fasciitis & the importance of proper footwear for golfers

Do you suffer from a sharp pain in the heel first thing in the morning? Plantar Fasciitis affects the heel and is a common foot complaint in golf. The foot

Tight Hamstrings ? This is common : 4 out of 5 golfers agree on this….

Do you find it difficult to stay ‘in your posture’? Does your golf coach keep telling you ‘you are coming out of your swing’ ? Requirements for an efficient Swing