Dual chiropractic and massage Appointments

Eddy Almeida
Eddy Almeida
As soon as I arrived she made me feel comfortable by asking the right questions with very instructive details of what was the therapy and healing about. In just 2 sessions I regained my hip mobility again thanks to acupuncture and following light exercises at home. Thanks to Isobel and the Team it was awesome 🙏🏾
Shelley Stephen
Shelley Stephen
I found Isy while looking for someone to help me with an on going knee and back problem which was greatly impacting my mobility. From diagnosis to treatment I have received excellent care and support from Isy, which has made a real difference to both the pain I was experiencing and my level of mobility. Isy is passionate about what she does, going above and beyond to help you, all the while retaining a notable level of professionalism. I have found her treatment to be very effective and would recommend Isy at Elite to anyone who is in need. She really is remarkable.
Chrystal McCallum
Chrystal McCallum
After complete knee replacement surgery I needed physiotherapy and my son found Elite. Daniele has been outstanding, patient, caring and supportive. I am still having treatment here and can heartily recommend Elite.
Dara Neylon
Dara Neylon
Got great treatment with Isy for my neck and shoulder pain. She's been one of the very few physios with who I've actually felt a difference after a few sessions and my pain significantly decreased as a result. If you're looking for a physio that's not scared to really dig into the problem area and use different treatments, you'll find it here. She was also really helpful at adjusting to my working hours.
craig norman
craig norman
Isy is by far the best sports physio I have ever used, I could hardly move my left arm and shoulder and only had a few treatments as didn't have much time in Spain would massively recommend her to anyone 👍
Martin Mallon
Martin Mallon
I arrived in Fuengirola on holiday with a running injury. Could barely walk. Had a session with Isy who is absolutely brilliant. She diagnosed the problems and got me straightened up and mobile again. Had a second session a week later and feel great now. I would highly recommend Isy at Elite to anyone. Top class
Andreas Östman
Andreas Östman
I'm genuinely wowed by Issy's work. I've come across many in this profession, but Issy tops them all. She's incredibly skilled, detail-oriented, and truly cares about helping people. I'd happily recommend her to anyone I know.
Mícheál Mulligan
Mícheál Mulligan
Absolutely and most certainly an effective clinic ! My condition is very complicated as it involves the brain, but Daniele did an amazing job and put extra effort in with me. I highly appreciate and am very thankful for all he did. I've seen a lot of Doctors during my treatment, but Daniele most certainly provided me with the most realistic approach with genuine care. Thank you! 🙏
Eugene O'Sullivan
Eugene O'Sullivan
I have seen Isy Fergusson for a couple of years to manage back pain and she was great. Recently she referred me to Daniele for two tendon/ligament issues and he diagnosed the issues and gave me exercises to heal them, and now both issues have gone away. Can’t recommend both of them highly enough, really pleased with the work they do. Also, they have a choice of locations, Riviera or Las Lagunas.
At Elite Performance Therapy we believe that chiropractors and massage therapists work in tandem.

There are significant health improvements mentally and physically when utilizing a combination of both treatments. We believe that each patient is separate and distinct from the other and needs their own recipe for health and wellness. The physical improvements from utilizing both therapies include better flexibility, increased range of motion, decreased muscle tension and better stress management. Mental health benefits of these therapies may also include creating a peace of mind, proprioception, inner balance and a connection to your mind and body.

The Differences

The differences between chiropractors and therapeutic massage therapists are distinct. Therapeutic massage therapy is usually done for 30-40 minutes (depending on the client and their requirements which is assessed following an initial consultation), therapists use a variety of techniques to address musculoskeletal conditions. Gentle kneading and stretching may be incorporated to help relieve tight and tender tissues and alleviate chronic or acute pain syndromes. Massage therapists do not manipulate joints in the same way chiropractors do, however they may also use manual therapy which consists of trigger point work or something called active release. In trigger point therapy we localize the weak muscle and use compression to restore function. In the active release, we shorten the muscle and make a contact then bring the muscle through its normal plane of motion which then strips the muscle from any muscle adhesions present that may be causing the tightness or restriction.

Chiropractor treatment is usually around 20 minutes. It is based heavily on adjustment which corrects a vertebral misalignment. A vertebral misalignment is a term used to describe a joint that has lost a degree of movement, has abnormal muscle pulling on either side and/or has altered neurological function coming from the nerve that exits the spine at that level. This involves a firm pressure being applied to the area of misalignment and the joint being corrected. This will help restore proper function to the nervous system. Chiropractors may also include some palliative therapies in their treatment, usually, during an acute pain episode, this may include electric stimulation, heat, ice, cold laser therapy, ultrasound, and/or mechanical traction.

Physical Benefits to using both a Chiropractor & Therapeutic Massage Therapist
  • Fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments
  • Reduces pain & swelling
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Reduced formation of adhesions
  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph
  • Relieves tension and strain of whiplash related injuries
  • Helps reduce headaches
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Improves posture
They Work Together 

Using both a Chiropractor and massage therapist together helps correct the nervous system, joint mobility, muscle tension, ligaments, and fascia. Mechanically, the best way to incorporate the two is the massage therapy session should proceed with the chiropractic treatment. After this, your muscles are relaxed, and your joints will move more freely, and you will get the most out of the treatments.

It is important to note that bones do not move without muscle, so if a muscle is overly tight and a bone is pulled out of place, the muscle needs to be warmed and pliable, then stretched. If not, the chiro can ‘pop’ a bone into place, but the tight muscle can ‘pop’ the bone out of place unless it’s addressed first.

Both therapies also help manage your stress- physical, emotional and chemical stresses can be manifested as subluxation and muscle tension in your body.

Here at Elite Performance Therapy, our aim is to bring different types of service lines together to provide the most effective care to our patients. Isy and Sarah are here to help you feel better, move better and live pain-free!!

“As a keen golfer I’ve used many chiropractors and sports therapists around the world but they never seem to be working together?! The key to combining these treatments effectively is great communication between the massage therapist and the chiropractor which is exactly what Elite Performance Therapy do!!! Isy and Sarah both know the treatment program and desired outcome and so the massage therapy and sports chiropractic care complement each other brilliantly! Highly recommended.”


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