Spine & Disc Degeneration

What is it?

Spine and disc degeneration are a condition that describes changes to the spinal discs located between the vertebrae of your spine and can dramatically affect your daily life because of the pain stemming from the break down in the discs in your spine.

Spinal discs change naturally as we age, or they may change as a result of an injury. Either way, degenerative disc disease can lead to chronic pain and seriously impact your ability to function daily.

Non-medical Treatment

Here at Elite Performance Therapy, we can restore movement and flexibility through a combined treatment plan including manual therapy and therapeutic massage. Where necessary we may also use chiropractic care for spinal manipulation. 

Through stretching and physical exercises, the stiffness in the areas of your spine will be eased and the muscles in your back will be loosened. Your persistent back pain will improve once the spine has a greater range of motion.

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