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Elite Performance Therapy offers deep tissue massage techniques that focus on the soft tissues that surround the skeletal structure.
Commonly this type of massage focuses on specific pain and injury, however, we treat the body as a whole and not the injury in isolation. We believe it is imperative to understand the root cause of the pain in order to rebuild and strengthen any weak muscles.

Although Isy’s passion lies in sports and athletes, this is not limited to her client base. Whether you are looking for treatment for a stiff neck or a post-event massage, her ultimate aim is to treat and educate clients. Isy also works alongside Yoga and Chiropractor specialists to compliment treatments and ensure her clients receive the best possible results.

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Coaching & Physical Training

Coaching and physical training Costa del Sol – Regardless of your current fitness level and fitness goals, on the Costa del Sol, we take your personal training success to the next level.

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Deep Tissue Therapy

Each session is tailored to you, the individual, and current requirements. Whether it is to relieve pain and tightness, rehab an injury, or to keep your body maintained from the stress of your job or active lifestyle.

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Pre & post pregnancy

Isy can help new and expectant mothers to prevent and manage prenatal and post-partum hip, back and pelvis pain using a variety of massage therapy treatment options

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Following an in-depth assessment and examination of your injury, a full diagnosis and posture analysis will be given and a plan of how to help your recovery.

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Sports Massage Therapy

Each session is tailored to you, the individual, and current requirements. Whether it is to relieve pain and tightness, rehab an injury, or to keep your body maintained from the stress of your job or active lifestyle.

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Therapies for Golfers

Contrary to popular belief, golf is very physically demanding and therefore a necessity for any athlete. The repeated large forces on the body can lead to many different types of injuries.

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What our clients Say

Thank you Isy, for getting me on the road to recovery, with my shoulder and hips due to poor training techniques! I felt brilliant after the first one, and hope to feel even better tomorrow now that I have had my 2nd massage. At last someone who knows what they are doing! I can highly recommend Isy with her sunny disposition and extensive knowledge, not only in sports massage, but training, nutrition and the whole package. You will not be disappointed!

Sarah Imelda, Malaga

I suffer from migraines due to problems with my back and so far, I’ve had 2 deep tissue massages and have not had a migraine since. My back is also less stiff so I will definitely be having regular deep tissue massages. The treatment room and setting is fantastic and stunning, you can’t beat it. I have also just started with personal training and Isy is very professional, reasonably priced and very experienced. I’m looking forward to all the results!

Sophia, Marbella

After recently performing calisthenics (gymnastics movements) my lower back pain was quite incredible and flexibility reduced heavily , thank you Isy for really sorting it out and increasing my overall flexibility.

Sven, Malaga

Masaje muscular profundo, me ha ido genial para cumplir con los entrenos maratonianos y recuperarme rápido!!! Seguimiento y atención postmasaje de 10!! Ultimando puesta a punto, Road to Maraton de Gran Canarias!! Muchas thanks Isy!!!

Juani, Costa del Sol

I’m not a quick runner but I do love to run. I’m also the type of person who puts up with aches & pains but the sharp pain in my knee that came on after 10 – 15km had been getting me down and limiting my goals. I had tried a number of different things to resolve it and had almost got to the point where it was just one of those things. It turns out that I don’t have a knee problem at all but referred pain from my ITB which is getting much better thanks to Isy and I have high hopes of completing a 50km race by the end of the year.

Zee, Mijas Costa

I attend the boot camp sessions with Isy. Although they are tough, it is great fun and I always feel motivated afterwards. Each workout is tailored to your personal level of fitness so that you get the maximum out of each class. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

Ester, Malaga

My name is Gianni Albertazzi and I have played golf for years, I had an elbow problem (tendinitis) and after the first treatment with Isy it is already way better and I have started to recuperate power.

Gianni, Marbella


Jeg har aldrig prøvet noget lignende - og Isy/Elite Performance Therapy kan klart anbefales! Jeg har mild skoliose i ryggen, men Isy har formået på 3-5 behandlinger næsten at få de kroniske smerter til at forsvinde! Jeg er fodbold spiller og fik hende anbefalet gennem en hold kammerat. Og så er hun samtidig et yderst behageligt menneske!!

Jeannie Løjstrup Nielsen

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