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Daniele is a highly specialised physiotherapist who treats a wide range of neuro- musculoskeletal disorders and sport injuries. He has a lifelong passion for sport and fitness, leading him to complete degrees in both Physiotherapy and Sport Science in Italy, before moving to London in 2014 to complete an MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at King’s College. He has a special interest in spinal pain, peripheral nerve injuries, knee injuries, shoulder pain, tendinopathies and post-surgical rehabilitation. He has significant experience in treating patients with highly complex presentations, rheumatological conditions, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain, centralising a multidisciplinary approach and a biopsychosocial model of care to create lasting changes in how patients mentally approach pain and achieve the highest level of quality of life.

Throughout his career, Daniele has developed experience in helping both professional and recreational athletes in every discipline, including running, cycling, rowing, boxing, dance, gymnastics, swimming, rugby, hockey, cricket and football. He helped children with postural problems, hypermobility and overuse injuries. He worked with individuals suffering from headaches and temporomandibular joint disorders. He assisted elderly with chronic disease and degenerative joint pain.

Daniele has treated pregnant women with back and pelvis pain. He has also worked with celebrities, such as Ian McKellen and Joe Wicks. A great communicator, Daniele always informs you of the nature of your injury – in terms you understand – the available treatment options and the likely recovery time. Daniele delivers bespoke physiotherapy programmes based on expert knowledge of a broad range of treatment options. Manual therapy forms an essential part of his approach to curing most injuries, and he will often use a combination of soft tissue techniques, spinal manipulative therapy, trigger point and massage. Additionally, he is proficient in the use of acupuncture, neuromuscular taping techniques, Pilates, and specific strength and conditioning programs to help ensuring you end up better than you were before the problem started. Daniele speaks fluent English, Italian and Spanish. He enjoys practising sport in his free time, and he spends most of his holidays with his family and travelling the world.

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