Elite Performance Therapy supporting the USA Women’s Rugby 7s National Team, in Málaga !


World Rugby 7 Series 2022

Estadio de Atletismo in Malaga will be hosting the World Rugby Sevens Series 2022, an event that will put the Costa del Sol on the global rugby map. Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 500 million fans around the globe. Rugby Sevens is a fast version of the sport, with seven players playing seven-minute halves. Thousands of spectators from around Spain and beyond are expected to head to the city to watch the event. The draw of sport and tourism is irresistible and Elite Performance Therapy cannot wait to be there supporting the USA Women´s National Team!

We will be working on site at World Rugby Sevens Series 2022 providing physical therapy, sports massage and performance services to all the USA Women´s National Team.

Being Prepared

Working on the Costa del Sol, you never know who or what problem may come through the door. This daily challenge makes it fantastic preparation for working with both professional and amateur rugby players; the immediate effect you can have on a player, their performance and achievements is profound.

Injuries & Body Mechanics

Here at Elite Performance Therapy we understand that rugby at any level is very demanding. It requires strength, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability, irrespective of the position that you play.

Injury prevention in Rugby has become much more important as the collisions get bigger and harder. At some point in our life, we will spend time away from work for approximately two to six months nursing a serious injury. We can imagine what the statistics say about Rugby players!

Common Injuries in Rugby?

Ankle sprains is number one overall, and we see more high ankle sprains now than we used to about 5-10 years ago. This can be due to a number of factors. For example, changes in footwear, changes in playing surface, changes in game plan/tackling technique, more footwork pre-contact of the attacking player. Bigger players who are more powerful = greater forces on ligaments and joints. Better awareness of medical staff and greater diagnostic abilities.

A concussion is an interesting injury which is a lot higher on the list now than it used to be. Probably because everyone is more aware of it, particularly players and coaches.  The nature of the game and the increasing forces at play. More on Concussion here.

Shoulders are often injured, but there are a lot of different injuries that occur. Rotator cuff sprains, internal impingement, labral tears and AC joint sprains.

In Summary

We know that life as a Touring Rugby Professional isn’t easy!

It’s hard work, requires self-discipline, self-motivation, determination and perseverance and you need to be able to cope with many different pressures. We are very excited to be supporting USA Women´s National Team and look forward to seeing some fantastic rugby and keeping players playing pain free and at their fullest potential!

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