Ladies European Tour

On Tour: Elite Performance Therapy supporting the Ladies European Tour at the Spanish Open !

Elite Performance Therapy are very excited to be working with Sports Physiotherapy International Co. Ltd at the Ladies European Tour in Marbella next week!

We will be working on site at Andalucía Costa del Sol Spanish Open, Aloha Golf Club from Nov. 25 – Dec. 01 providing physical therapy, sports massage and performance services to all the Ladies European tour golfers.

Working directly with practitioners from Sports Physiotherapy International Co. Ltd allows us to provide an integrated service on tour for all professional golfers regarding injury, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, screening, performance enhancement, rehabilitation, strength & conditioning and bio-mechanics.

Being Prepared

Working on the Costa del Sol, you never know who or what problem may come through the door. This really tests us daily and makes it great preparation for working with both professional and amateur golfers. The immediate, substantial effect you can have on a player, their performance and achievements is profound.

Anne van Dam is set to bring huge excitement to Marbella next week when the Dutch star returns to Spain to defend her title!

The last 5-10 years in golf physical therapy has seen a much greater emphasis on exercise and strength & conditioning work in treating injuries and maximising performance. This new breed of much stronger, fitter golfers mean that they can generate higher forces and swing speeds and hit the ball further.

Injuries & Bio-Mechanics

Here at Elite Performance Therapy we understand that golf at any level is very demanding. It requires strength, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement which produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds of any sport.

Vamos Aza!!

The effect of repeated large forces, often over decades, can lead to numerous injuries, particularly in the lower back, wrist, shoulder and elbow. The bio-mechanical requirements of an asymmetrical swing is a risk factor for injury. For instance, right handed golfers, who lead with the left side, are more likely to suffer from Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) injuries on the left wrist and Dorsal Rim Impaction Syndrome (DRIS) injuries on the right wrist.

The physical requirements to execute these most complex athletic skills are enormous. Human anatomy and bio-mechanics are poorly suited to perform the high-torque rotational movement of the golf swing, which creates and must resist many high forces. The modern swing uses a large shoulder turn but restricts the hip turn to build torque in the muscles of the lower back and shoulders.  This places larger stresses on the back and shoulder complexes, leaving them susceptible to injury.

In Summary

We know that life as a Touring Professional isn’t easy! It’s hard work and it requires self-discipline, self-motivation, determination and perseverance and you need to be able to cope with many different pressures. We are very excited to be supporting Sports Physiotherapy International Co. Ltd at the Ladies European Tour and look forward to seeing some fantastic golf and keeping players 

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