Back on Tour ! Isy Fergusson set to join the Ladies European Tour & Senior Championships Golf Tour this February 2024 in Rabat, Morocco


The Ladies European Golf Tour (LET) returns to the beautiful surroundings of Morocco for the first time in four years this week, as 96 players from 25 countries compete for the Lalla Meryem Cup. 

Staged at Royal Golf Dar Es Salam in Rabat, the LET players will be competing on the Blue Course between 9-11th February in a 54-hole stroke play competition, while players from the PGA Tour Champions will be competing simultaneously for a separate trophy on the red course.

Isy will be working alongside the main physio looking after the players during the tournament. ”The players are on course 25 times a year, walking six or seven miles per round so having a physio and soft tissue therapy available to players is paramount! ” Isy says. “The soft tissue treatment helps with the lactic acid buildup we see on the golf course from the players walking so much. Added to which, the players are swinging 120 mph in an extremely unnatural position for their body, so you have to make sure the players are keeping on top of it all.”

Throughout the tournament the treatment room is stocked with massage tables, stretching equipment, heating pads, foam rollers, and weights, making sure the golfers have everything they need. Players come in for all kinds of things, like working out a sore muscle that just happened during a round, treating a nagging injury or improving range of motion.

It’s such a pirvilege to be working alongside all the golfers on tour again this year. As an athlete myself, it is a fenomenal week treating the players, learning and shadowing some of the best physios I’ve ever met! My passion is helping golfers play pain free, hit longer drives, and playing stronger for longer… and there’s no better satisfaction than being able to bring home what I’ve learnt so I can help even more players 🙂

Isy Fergusson, January 2024

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