Key Exercises & Stretches before you Tee Off to avoid golf Injuries


Want to avoid golf injuries? Follow these simple stretches before you play..

Contrary to popular belief, golf is very physically demanding. An effective golf swing requires strength, stability, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement that produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds of any sport.

The effect of these repeated large forces on the body can lead to many different types of injuries. As such we want to show and demonstrate how you can warm up safely and avoid these common golf injuries. It isn’t just about avoiding injuries too – done consistently (and correctly) these golf stretches will increase your range of motion, your power and ultimately… help to reduce your handicap!

The stretches below are designed to be done just prior to a game – as part of a warm up routine. The majority are dynamic stretches which will help to reduce muscle stiffness without compromising your power.

It should take no longer than 10-15 minutes

Walk  or Jog for 3-5 Minutes
Walk briskly or jog for 3-5 minutes

Supported Squats – The aim of this exercise is to gently elevate your heart rate and increase blood flow to the major muscle groups that will be used during your game.

1.With your arms straight out in front, squat down until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground or as far as you can and stand up. Repeat 10 – 15x.

2.Rest and repeat 3x in total

Golf Specific Stretches

Arm Swings

1. Stand tall and hold arms out to your side.

2. Slowly swing your arms back and forth across the front of your body.

3. Repeat this continuous motion for 30 seconds.

Trunk Rotations

1.With your legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, bend forward from the waist slightly (as though adopting the swing posture).

2.Turn from side to side aiming to get the ends of the club directly in front of you with each turn.

3.Complete a total of 15-20 full swings.

Tip : Try placing a club on your shoulders and holding it at either end to assist in the rotation.

Side Bends

1.With your legs shoulder-width apart and leading arm overhead (keep close to ear), lean to one side keeping your torso straight.

2.Hold for a count of 2 and then repeat to the other side.

3.Complete 8-10 stretches each side.

Tip : Avoid bending forward or backwards (use a mirror or reflection to check).

Standing Tricep Stretch

1.Take your legs shoulder width apart.

2.Keeping knees soft, cross one arm straight across your chest, support the elbow with the other hand and gently draw the elbow into your body.

3.Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat a total of 3 times.

Tip : look over your shoulder and keep arm horizontal!

Leg Swings

1.With your legs shoulder width apart and keeping your upper body perpendicular to the ground swing one leg forward and backward.

2.Aim to keep your upper body as still as possible. Do use a wall or bench for support.

3.Repeat for 10 full swings and repeat on other leg.

Alternate Toe Touches

1.Stand with your feet as far apart as comfortably possible.

2.Lean forward toward one leg and try to reach your foot or until a comfortable stretch is felt in your low back and hamstrings.

3.Now try to touch the other foot with the opposite arm. This motion should be continuous alternately touching each foot (or as close as possible) with the opposite hand.

Weighted Club

Using either a weighted club or 2 clubs held together, perform 10 complete swings. Aim for one continuous motion rather than stopping between each swing.

Then switch to the other side  😊

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