World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga 2018


5th September 2018 – 16th September 2018 | Malaga, Spain

All About the World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga

We are just under 6 weeks to go until we start the WMA Championships in Malaga and what a championships it is already looking to be! With over 8000 athletes across 3 stadiums and different areas for the walks and cross country. Its clear you wont be able to look left or right anywhere without seeing other athletes who have worked hard just to get to the start line!. Venues in 2018 include: The Athlete’s Village and Expo at the Sports Centre Martin Capena and the Malaga Athletics Stadium.

How do Elite Performance Therapy fit in?

During this time of year, we can’t help but get involved with sporting events and goings-on. Whether you are working towards your own fitness goals, training for a marathon or are supporting athletes from the comfort of your home; there is no escaping it!

Here at Elite Performance Therapy we are always looking at ways to support athletes, whether that is through offering advice on our blogs, sponsorship’s or through our products and services. At the WMA in Malaga 2018 we are very excited to be working with athletes throughout the championships and keep them in tip top condition!

With more than 4,000 athletes and 3,000 supporters from more than 80 countries expected to attend, if you haven’t been to a “Worlds” you should ! They are amazing events!


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