Pre-treatment consultation process….. why we take the time!

Pre-treatment consultation process….. why we take the time!

At Elite Performance Therapy, we don’t book our appointments back to back. We space 15min gaps in between each appointment in order to ensure we make time for a consultation before and after the treatment.

The key to each consultation session varies depending if you are a new or pre-existing client. For example; a new client consultation will help us to determine why you have come to see us and evaluate any health issues, whilst a pre-existing client consultation will help us understand how your treatment plan is progressing ie when we are treating ongoing injuries or muscular imbalances.

We might have magic fingers (!) , but ultimately you are the master of your body and in order to achieve the best results – it’s crucial for us to work together! Communication is key and so the more you guide us – the better treatment you will receive.

Below are some key aspects of  what we are  trying to understand during the consultation process.

1. To find out what the intention behind your treatment is

It’s important for us to know what type of treatment you would like to receive and how would you like to feel after the treatment is completed. For some clients, the intention is to feel looser or more relaxed and for others, it will be feeling pain relief or treating an injury. It’s also important to establish whether you want a one-off treatment or are looking for on-going massage therapy care since corrective treatments may take more than one session.

2. To learn what your treatment expectations are

If your expectations before and during your treatment are different from what you are receiving in a treatment room, you are likely to feel disappointed and maybe frustrated with the treatment. Finding out what your vision is, leads to better satisfaction. If, for example, you go to a restaurant to order a steak and the waiter brings an amazing chicken dish, the meal might be incredibly tasty but it still wasn’t what you hoped for. The more guidance you give us, the better treatment you will be able to receive. It’s like having a tea or coffee preferences (how strong? Any sugar?  Any milk?) – let us know what pressure you prefer, where exactly that irritating niggle is and what your focus areas are. Then we will be able to treat you better knowing exactly what you have in mind.

3. To provide the best possible experience

There are many treatment clinics along the Costa del Sol and they often operate on a different basis. Here at Elite Performance Therapy it is important for us to find out what is “normal” for you. For some clients, a full body massage involves stomach massage which for many other clients is not acceptable. Some people assume that feet or face will also be massaged in a full treatment. We believe that is crucial to discuss and agree your preferences before we start a treatment in order to provide the best experience.

4. Prioritise your treatment areas…

Planning a treatment session and dividing the time appropriately is another reason why we will need to have a consultation with you before the treatment starts. There is nothing worse than hearing your hour is up and we haven’t managed to treat the areas that you really hoped for. Time management is key and our aim is to gather as much information as we can to optimise the largest time to be spent on your areas of priority and focus. Always let us know what is on top of your list and what you would be happy to compromise with, in case there is more time needed elsewhere.

5. Understand the bigger picture/ get to know your lifestyle

This isn’t about us being nosy or stealing time! Your lifestyle is what causes your body to be in the shape and state it is. If there is any imbalance or tension, your daily tasks are often the answer. We will try to find the causes of these pains so you can avoid the problem from reoccurring and treat you more accurately. If you’re sitting at the desk and your screen is to the right, you’re likely to have some extra tension in your neck, on the right side. Only sleeping on your left side ? – you will likely have some additional tension in the left shoulder and neck. A keen tennis player or golfer ? We may see some imbalance between your right and left arm. Your daily activities, job, exercises, stress level will all have an impact on your body so let us know as much as you can.

6. Establish trust and confidence

Having a professional consultation is also a great opportunity for you to get to know us as a therapist. By asking you relevant questions, listening to your queries,  and demonstrating our expertise and knowledge we hope to start to instil confidence and trust in us.

A good consultation doesn’t have to be long and should only take a couple of minutes unless you feel there is more for us to understand.  Often, we will ask crucial questions before the treatment and will try to investigate more during the treatment if appropriate. We will always take note of any preferences and you won’t have to go through the same consultation process on the repeat visits unless you come back with a different treatment purpose. It is imperative that we understand what you would like from your session, so feel free to share and guide us as much as you feel comfortable.

We both share a common goal in wanting you to receive the best treatment possible.

We can’t wait to help!

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