Tight Hamstrings WILL affect your golf : here is why ….

Do you find it difficult to stay ‘in your posture’?

Does your golf coach keep telling you ‘you are coming out of your swing’ ?

Requirements for an efficient Swing

The golf club alone does not perform the mechanics of the golf swing. For an efficient swing the body must be able to move through an extended range of motion and therefore any flexibility limitations can directly affect this. Unless addressed your coach will continue to pick you up on this.

Let’s explain more…

To stay ‘in your golf posture’ requires a correct load of the hips plus hamstring strength & flexibility. Weak and tight hamstrings can cause additional stress and pain on lower back and inability to swing the golf club correctly.

Rehabilitation and Management

We have helped many golfers who find it difficult to ‘stay in posture’ by using deep tissue techniques to treat not just the hamstrings but also hips and pelvis. We also incorporate a 4-week stretching program to improve muscle strength & flexibility and prevent further injury and pain. We don’t do magic but it might feel like that !!

Be Aware!

Stretching on its own will only help temporarily. You can liken stretching the hamstrings to stretching a rubber band – the rubber band will revert back to its original length unless specific manipulation techniques are correctly included.

Happy playing!

‘’Highly recommended!!! Isy is a true professional in what she does! Tried to go with me through all the details that could help her find the problem! Therapy was great and I felt way better after treatment! Great meeting and looking forward to our next session! Thank you very much, Isy!’’

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