Sarah Monaghan (Doctor of Chiropractic)


Chiropractic Care

Sarah has been a Chiropractor for the last 15 years and has had vast experience in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. She is dedicated to providing high quality and innovative treatments for her patients and the desire to keep learning to bring the best to her industry.

From working with multiple Pro athletes helping them achieve only their best in their sport, Sarah is also passionate about treating those trying to achieve the best for themselves in everyday life. She is also a qualified medical acupuncturist and uses cupping therapy as part of her treatments.

With two boys aged 1 and 3 and running two businesses her life has been very hectic recently! Sarah has a family who has lived in Mijas Costa for 20 years, and after many holidays here, her and her husband have made the decision to relocate to Spain for work and a better work-life balance. Sarah will continue to oversee her practice in England with regular trips back to see her long-established patients. With a successful business, happy staff back in the UK,  Sarah, however, wanted an opportunity for her boys to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and learn the language…. as well as to enjoy a bit more sunshine than we have in England!

Feel free to come in and have a consultation with Sarah and she will explain all about the benefits of Chiropractic and how it can help. 


Following her graduation, Sarah worked within a local Chiropractic clinic where she learnt the foundations of private practice and from there set up The Chiropractic Clinic in Liverpool in 2009 with her business partners. After 4 highly successful years, she sold this practice and relocated to Irby, a small village in the Wirral in 2013 where she built her highly regarded and vibrant practice – Younger Chiropractic ( There she employed several expert Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. More recently, Sarah expanded her practice and opened Younger Beauty in 2018 and has a full team of beauty experts providing excellence in all aspects of beauty therapy and aesthetics (


Sarah treats a variety of injuries and symptoms; from helping pregnant & new mothers with back pain to treating the elderly with difficulty in walking to fetch their local paper. Over the past few years, she has treated a lot of tri-athletes and professional golfers, footballers and rugby players and has sponsored a variety of different athletes from endurance runners, sprinters to rowers.


Sarah uses a variety of treatment techniques from Chiropractic manipulation, sports massage, muscle release, medical acupuncture, cupping therapy, and home exercises and rehabilitation advice.

Training & Background

Sarah graduated with a First Class Honours Degree & Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2005 from Glamorgan University in Wales.

Her first experience with the field of Chiropractic was when she was younger and witnessing her mother, suffering from chronic debilitating back pain after back surgery and within 6 weeks of Chiropractic treatment, was able to lead a normal life without daily chronic pain and periods of incapacity

Client Experience

Over the past few years, Sarah has treated a lot of tri-athletes and professional golfers, footballers and rugby players and has sponsored a variety of different athletes from endurance runners, sprinters to rowers.

Justine Reston is just one of her patients who has gone on to break world-records and holds the British, Welsh and World Championship records in lightweight indoor rowing.

Passion for Clients

Being passionate about her profession, Sarah enjoys the daily challenges it brings along with the ability to help people in pain and enabling them to enjoy life to the maximum. Her chiropractic skills can benefit all ages from prenatal/birth, children, high-performing athletes, to the elderly.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping when someones daily life is being impacted by severe pain and being able to take this away and help them get back to the things they love doing!

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