Paul Morisson

Paul Morisson BSc (Hons), DC


My name is Paul Morrison, and I’m a Chiropractor and sports massage therapist from Hertfordshire in the UK.

Before I was a Chiropractor, I was a painter and decorator for 15 years with my own business. Even though I loved my job, after so many years and lots of work and awkward positions, I was suffering from lower back pain which had caused disc bulges and started to affect me to the point where I couldn’t walk and was in excruciating pain.

This is how I found Chiropractic as my best friend was a Chiropractor, and his treatments helped me immensely. Combined with regular massage, it kept me going for many years. Still, ultimately, I needed a change of career as I wasn’t sure I could do my job for another 20 years.

With the encouragement of my Chiropractic friend, I went back to university part-time at the age of 32 for six years to study Chiropractic, where I qualified in 2018. I wanted to help people in the same way that it helped me and help them understand how they use their bodies and the improvements that can be made.

Most people put up with pains that they think are normal and can be easily solved, and so I enjoy changing people’s perceptions of what they think they should be feeling compared to what they have got used to dealing with and thinking that nothing can be done.

I completed an ITEC level 5 sports massage qualification alongside my degree. For me, treating the muscles can sometimes be just as essential as any other treatment when appropriately delivered, compliments Chiropractic perfectly.

I also love sport, I played football and cricket to decent local levels into my 30s, so I can understand many sporty clients and how they use their bodies and help them get the most out of their sports.

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