Sports Massage Therapy for Golfers

Elite Performance Therapy has partnered with the Michael Campbell Golf Academy at the luxurious Padierna Golf Resort. Here we are very excited to be supporting aspiring, seasoned and PGA level golfers by improving their physical performance.

Sports Massage Therapy for Recovery, Injury Rehabilitation & Better Athlete Performance

Elite Performance Therapy’s massage for golfers increases range of motion and extends flexibility by relaxing the back, shoulders, forearms, hamstrings, hip flexors and wrists. With greater back flexibility, this will allow for a bigger shoulder turn and enhance your swing mechanics. The result is a more powerful torque with a higher finish. We also ensure there is an active combination of massage and specific stretches enabling golfers to improve their overall performance on the greens. Elite Performance Therapy has worked with international golfers from all ages helping them achieve only the best from their bodies without restrictions from any sports injuries or overall pain.

By increasing flexibility through sports massage, a golfer’s mental focus can naturally increase which results in better overall performance. Our aim is to ensure golfers reach the 19th hole with complete focus and of course, no pain.