Providing Sports Massage Therapy on the Costa del Sol

Elite Performance Therapy offers deep tissue massage techniques that focus on the soft tissues that surround the skeletal structure. Commonly this type of massage focuses on specific pain and injury, however we treat the body as a whole and not the injury in isolation. We believe it is imperative to understand the root cause of the pain in order to rebuild and strengthen any weak muscles.

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is the assessment and the treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in the rehabilitation when it comes to managing to pain and injury. Remedial massage therapy uses a variety of massage techniques, together with specific deep tissue massage techniques. We work on the body’s soft tissues including the muscles, tendons and fascia. Remedial massage techniques are performed to create favourable conditions for the body to return to normal or optimal health after sustaining an injury. The premise of the treatment can reverse certain physical effects a client may have. lower-back-pain

If you have suffered a moderate injury for example, then remedial therapy can help reduce or even eliminate completely the pain associated with the injury and restore particular functions. Remedial massage is specifically designed to help balance muscle or soft tissue, tissue length, tension, and tone, which in turn promotes the return of normal joint, capsular or bone position. Remedial massage also helps increase the flow of blood and lymph in the injured areas, therefore removing any blockages and damaged cells resulting from the injury.

How deep tissue massage can help you

In more generalized terms, deep tissue massage therapy can help with several different things resulting in moderate injury including:

  • Ease of soreness
  • Helps with general relaxation or stress relief
  • A good preventative measure for soft tissue injuries
  • Tension or tightness in muscles
  • Helps reduce recovery time should an injury occur

Do you need deep tissue massage, Costa del Sol?

If you work out casually, suffer stress and tension in the neck, back, shoulder, suffer from migraines or general aches and pains, then deep tissue massage may be the answer. Even if you are feeling stiff or sore, a deep tissue massage can help prevent further injury or damage to the soft tissue area. If you do have a soft tissue injury like a sprain or strain, a deep tissue massage can help.

Who can or should be performing deep tissue massages?

post-half-ironman-massage-1024x680Massage therapists on the Costa del Sol must have a good underpinning knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to determine the correct way to treat patients/clients. At Elite Performance Therapy our services are based on best practice principles and before any deep tissue treatment begins, we perform a thorough consultation with our clients. An assessment is performed in order to ascertain the clients current health status, and if the client is even suitable for deep tissue treatment. We rely on your feedback to properly identify the areas that require our attention. By fully cooperating and listening, we can then apply the relevant and appropriate treatment.

We fully understand at Elite Performance Therapy, how important it is to understand your specific needs. By making a full analysis of any injuries or problem areas, we can then apply particular deep tissue treatment. We do this based on our vast experience and clinical expertise. The benefits of deep tissue treatment dramatically improve your overall well-being and physical health.

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